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CPC + Job Prospects

CPC & Job Prospects

The purpose of the CPC is to improve driver knowledge and skills and to improve road safety among professional drivers.

The CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualification must be achieved by newly qualified LGV drivers along with their vocational Lorry driving license in order to enable them to use their license professionally. So the LGV licence will allow you to DRIVE the Lorry while the CPC will ACTIVATE this licence for work purposes.

Therefore, to be able to drive a Lorry for hire and reward (in simple terms,to be paid for the driving), you will need to complete the Driver CPC qualification, which includes a short Case Study and a Practical Demonstration.

The Case Study is a short theory test which is taken at the same centre where you did your LGV theory. The revision for this test is done from study material which we send to you by email (similar to the LGV Multiple Choice revision).For the practical part you will come to our training yard and you will complete the CPC Practical Demonstration (also called Show Me, Tell Me) with your instructor. This is followed by a DVSA practical test on the same day.

After you pass the practical driving test for LGV Category C1, C or C+E, you will need to send your licence to DVLA to be updated with the permanent entitlement (usually the examiner will do this for you).

If the CPC Case Study theory test is completed alongside your LGV theory OR at least before your LGV driving course, then the CPC Practical Demonstration can be done together with your LGV Lorry driving course, thus meaning you would be fully qualified straight away.

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      LGV drivers are a crucial asset to any business needing to move items from A to B in a timely and efficient manner, whether you work directly for a haulage company or in-house as part of the logistic team of a large firm, being a LGV driver has its perks.

      The benefits of becoming an LGV Driver include:

      • The ability to climb the career ladder after gaining experience
      • Becoming acquainted with different parts of the country and travelling
      • Average Salary of £31,000
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