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Chequered Flag Training

Offering Cat C, C+E, C1 and CPC training from our bases in: Hoddesdon EN11 0NX, Enfield EN3 7XA & Cranfield (Bedfordshire) MK3 0AS

0% finance available for all HGV courses

We are a DVSA approved organisation for conducting CPC Module 4 exams and 3a Off Road tests on our private practice area

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    • We look after everything: From provisional application to DVLA, medical exam, theory study (we offer translation too in over 50 languages!) & tests, to the all important bit – one week of tuition!
    • All our training is 1:1 but if you want we give you the opportunity to come and assist when other students are training so you can learn from this too.
    • Our instructors are friendly but professional and they will always be there to teach you, encourage you and offer you a cold drink or a cup of coffee.
    • Most importantly – there is no waiting for driving tests because we arrange them beforehand to coincide with the end of your intensive training course !!!
    • We monitor your training progress from start to finish and we guide you through the whole course, making sure nothing is overlooked and you learn all the necessary skills – from reversing to road positionings, from vehicle checks to performing a mock test so you are confident and know what to expect in the real DVSA one!

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    There’s never been a better time to learn!

    With a huge HGV driver shortage, now is the perfect time to kickstart your HGV career!

    Chequered Flag Training pride ourselves on delivering high quality Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) training, helping our students go on to lucrative driving carreers with the worlds leading haulage and transport companies.

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      Authorised DVSA organisation for conducting 3a tests and CPC in house

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