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LGV/HGV Training Course – Category C / C+E

LGV/HGV Training Course – Cat C (Rigid Lorry)

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    If you’re looking start with your LGV/HGV driving career, getting your LGV/HGV Cat C licence is a great place to start!

    An LGV/HGV Cat C licence covers vehicles over 3500kg and trailers up to 750kg. It is also referred to as a Class 2 licence.

    HGVs driven under a this licence are commonly known as rigid body vehicles, and are the types of lorries you usually see transporting cargo across the country.

    You have to complete a LGV/HGV Category C training course and test in order to be able to drive rigid lorries up to a weight limit of 32 tonnes.

    It is a straightforward training course to obtain the licence, comprising of a very basic medical exam, a provisional LGV/HGV licence application, a theory test and a 5 days practical course and practical test.

    Rest assured, we look after the whole process from start to finish.

    The Cat. C is the most common type of licence for new drivers and with the UK and London having thousands and thousands of deliveries made every day in a Rigid lorry, this course will definitely open a rewarding path for you in the HGV/LGV industry.

    If your ultimate goal is to acquire the Cat. C+E articulated lorry licence, give us a call now on

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    LGV/HGV Training Course – Cat C+E (Articulated)

    You have to complete a LGV/HGV Category C+E training course and test in order to be able to drive any articulated or draw bar lorries where the trailer exceeds 750 kg gross vehicle weight.

    This LGV/HGV licence is also known as a Class 1 or a Cat. C+E.

    If you already have a Category C/Class 2 licence, you will only need to attend a 5 day practical-only training course with a DVSA test at the end in order to upgrade to the Category C+E/Class 1.

    Offering training in Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire

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    We are a DVSA approved organisation for conducting CPC Module 4 exams and 3a Off Road tests on our private practice area

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